Henlo. am fun guy.

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Henlo. am fun guy.

Postby Nexxonix » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:10 am

Hello I am Nexxonix. That title is a lie, I'm actually quite boring.

Whenever I'm playing BF4 I'm either playing with a friend, on Meatgrinder, or with a friend on Meatgrinder. I'm 21 and according to myself, I'm really old but I also look 17. For the majority (all) of my BF career (I'm talking BC2 to BF1 here, it's been a long time) I've just been sitting in the darkest corner of the room intensely staring at platoons and such and never bothered to look into them until recent.

I'm also mild weeb trash. Please don't hate me.

"I believe that hundreds of volts are better suited to kill a man, not resurrect him."

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